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Flexible work,
fully committed.
WorkYourWay connects your business with flexible and part-time talent.
The world of work is changing. To find the best talent, you have to change with it. WorkYourWay connects your business with talent you’d otherwise miss out on.
More and more people in the UK are turning to flexible and part-time work. It’s now the fastest-growing sector of the labour market. Job seekers in the UK are redefining their approach to employment, be it through COVID-19, family commitments, health requirements or simply wanting a better work / life balance.
The recent developments in the UK labour market present an urgent, unprecedented challenge for businesses. With thought, it also represents an opportunity. More than half the global workforce is now working remotely. Work habits are changing across the board. From increased flexibility to lifelong learning – these changes are impacting everything from how we communicate, to how we connect and create. They also offer the opportunity to level the playing field in terms of gender equality and diversity.

It’s not just work though. People are even changing where they want to live and creating new expectations about flexibility, working conditions and life in general. These thoughts and expectations can’t be undone and gives us the opportunity to modernise how people work and businesses operate.
WorkYourWay is redefining our way of working. We allow businesses to find highly skilled flexible and part-time employees by matching appropriate candidates to roles, through a unique matching availability algorithm. We aim to reduce costs, help close the gender pay-gap and increase the diversity of a businesses workforce.

By advertising a flexible or part-time position on WorkYourWay, you have the opportunity to not only drive exposure for your business, but also search for candidates. We have a growing database of suitables candidates looking for opportunities across a range of industries.
WorkYourWay benefits to recruiting
flexible and part-time candidates
Increased Productivity
Part-time employees have increased levels of job satisfaction, which is reflected in their productivity. Part-time employees frequently do as much in their shorter day or week than full-time employees and tend to fit the rest of their life in the time that they are not at work, requiring less time off.
WorkYourWay offers companies many options within the platform to manage and track applications, search for candidates, view analytics and more.
Our features:
Search for candidates
Search for Candidates
Once you’ve uploaded a job, you have the ability to search our pool of flexible and part-time candidates.
Manage & Track Applications
Manage & Track Applications
Within the platform companies are able to monitor all applicants, accepting, reject or connect with candidates.
Companies can monitor the number of views, saves and applications they’ve received through our analytics portal.
Client Dashboard
Client Dashboard
WorkYourWay has a unique dashboard that allows you to upload roles and manage or edit any active roles.
WorkYourWay pricing options:
One Job Post

Our self serve platform allows you to target experienced, motivated and highly skilled candidates looking for part-time and flexible roles.

  • Upload your job in minutes and get immediate results
  • Track and manage applications online with ease
  • Unique algorithm matches your role with candidates
  • Monitor the volume of applicants through our analytics portal
  • Unlimited applicants
£250 Per Advert
Tailored Packages

We offer bespoke packages that are tailored around your recruitment needs. Whether you have 10 or 500 roles, we can provide you with the support needed.

  • Unlimited job posts with tailored management*
  • Unlimited users to manage jobs and applicants
  • Unique algorithm matches your role with candidates
  • Monitor the volume of applicants through our analytics portal
  • Unlimited applicants
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